Sowbugs exist in many tailwaters, slow moving freestone streams, ponds, spring creeks
and other waters. Where they exist in large quantities they represent a large part of a
trout's diet. They live down in between and under the gravel on the bottom of streams.
They are sometimes found in the same water scuds exist in. They crawl around on the
bottom rather than swim.

These crustaceans tend to live in concentrations, not just scattered about. You may find
them in one area and a short distance away there may not be any.

It is best to fish the "Perfect Fly" in the slow moving runs of weedy stretches of water. We
usually use a strike indicator so that we can adjust the depth of the fly. It may take
hanging it up in the grass or weeds a few times to get the depth adjusted right. You want
it as close to the bottom or vegetation as possible without hanging it.

In spring creeks that have sowbugs, it is best to sight fish. Casting the fly just ahead of a
trout works if you don't spook the fish. You should use very light leaders and tippets to
help prevent spooking them. This takes careful and accurate presentations. You
shouldn't add but a tiny bit of extra weight to the fly or tippet. It is best to let it sink slowly
without adding any weight to the fly.
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