Fishing The Speckled Wing Quill Emerger and Emerger with
Trailing Shuck

Callibaetis species hatch during the warmest part of the day, usually twice a year. First in
the early spring and much later in the late fall. They can also hatch during the late
morning hours during the summer. Hatches usually last one or two hours. If it is cloudy
the hatch may last three or four hours. Fishing is usually better during overcast or cloudy
days. When the nymphs are ready to emerge, they swim to the surface, split the nymphal
shuck and fly away quickly.

We recommend using an intermediate sinking or sinking line and a long leader. This
greatly depends on the clarity of the water. In can use a floating line with a long leader
and tippet if your are fishing shallow water. The emerger fly should be allowed to sink to
just above the weed beds or bottom. Slowly retrieve the fly to the surface.
You should use our emerger with a trailing shuck on or near the surface. It works best in
shallow water. Keep in floating in the surface skim. It doesn't have to be visible on the
surface or floating dry. In either case, you can best detect strikes by watching your line
and leader. A movement in a direction other than normal or a sudden twitch of the line will
indicate a take.
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