Fishing The Speckled Wing Quill (Continued)

Callibaetis, is another Baetidae family member.  As we said, they are found in lakes and
streams with slow moving water but these mayflies are sometimes found in spring creeks
that have very slow moving water and weeds. Lakes that have some flow of current are
usually better than those with no current. In western states, the C
allibaetis begin to
become important just after the ice melts. This is usually the first of spring. These
mayflies are bi or tri-brooded. Two or three generations, usually three, may occur during
the year depending on the particular water. Each generation usually produces slightly
smaller sized mayflies.  

There are five species that anglers may find present in the same type areas. They are
pacifica, coloradensis, nigritus, skokianus and ameicanus species. They all belong to
Callibaetis genus. There is very little difference in the shape and color of the species
but the size will vary. Our imitations will work for all of the species.
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