Fishing The Speckled Wing Quill Nymph

Nymphs are swimmers that are almost always found in and around vegetation. They can
swim but they also crawl along the bottom. Trout take them from the time they hatch from
eggs to the time they emerge.

In deep clear lakes with deep weed beds, we suggest that you use a long leader with a
two or three foot long tippet. A sinking or intermediate sinking line works best for this. In
shallow water, weeds beds, you can use a floating line with a long leader and tippet. The
clearer the water, the longer your leader and tippet should be.

You can add action to the imitation. Allow the nymph to sink and use a  twist of the hand
type retrieve. The retrieve should be very slow and steady. These nymphs aren't exactly
high speed shad minnows. You want to keep the fly just above the bottom.
The best way to detect strikes is to watch your line. It will jump slightly or change its
motion when a trout takes the nymph.
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