Fly Fishing For Speckled Trout
Speckled trout are not one of the most pursued species of fish by fly. It is relatively new
species for fly fishing. Fly fishing for speckled trout first became popular along the
Panhandle of Florida and South Alabama. Fly fishing become popular in the area a few
years ago and there were plenty of speckled trout to be taken by fly. It isn't unusual to
find schools of specs with hundreds of fish. The only thing that makes it difficult is finding
the fish. They are not easily spotted on the surface. They are spotted most often when
they are feeding on the surface crashing shrimp and baitfish along the shoreline.

We prefer to use a standard 5 to 6 weight-forward floating fly line in most situations. If
you are fishing during the cold winter, you may need an intermediate, slow sinking or a
sink tip fly line to get your fly down to the right level. A nine foot fast to medium fast action
rod works best. You want a reel with a decent drag. Speckled trout can go up to five or
six pounds but the majority of them will be around one to two pounds.

Speckled trout eat crabs, shrimp, finger mullet and pinfish along the Gulf and Atlantic
Coastlines. These fish are very similar to the Sea Trout that are found along the Eastern
seaboard from Florida to North Carolina. In fact there is so little difference, it would be
pointless to separate them insofar as methods of fishing. These trout move into shallow
water to spawn anywhere from February to May depending on the distance North to
South. They usually remain in shallow water until early summer and then move back to
their deep water habitat. During the months of September through January, again
depending on the location, speckled trout and sea trout will move back into shallow water.
They follow the movement of the bait that they need to survive on. During the times the
trout are in shallow water, they will sometimes take a top water fly. This is especially true
when they move in close to the banks to feed. Large schools of shrimp commonly move
into shallow water during the Fall and the trout follow them.

We have several "Perfect Flies" that will take speckled trout and sea trout. Our Perfect
Fly Flats Crab, Flats Minnow, Marabou Shrimp flies, Mantis Shrimp flies, White Shrimp,
Bottom Prawn and Brown Prawn will all catch speckled and sea trout.

If you live in an area or happen to visit an area where these fish exist, you will be able to
experience a lot of fun catching them on the fly. Both the Spring and Fall season are
excellent times to catch them in shallow water.
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