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Spey Flies
A Spey fly is an artificial imitation of something fish eat or protect their territory from that is used on a
Spey fly rod. A Spey rod is a longer, two-handed rod used to make long cast. The great majority of
Spey fly patterns have been developed for steelhead and salmon. Spey flies have also been
developed for bass and other species of fish. Most Spey flies have long hackle extending to the bend
of the hook. They usually have slimmer bodies than most streamer flies.

Steelhead Spey Flies are Spey flies developed specifically for Great Lake and Pacific Coast
steelhead but in some cases, also work well for large trout. Of course, steelhead are large rainbow
trout that migrate between fresh and salt water or lakes and rivers, in the case of the Great Lakes.
Spey flies could also very well be used for many other species of fish, including saltwater species but
that has yet to become a popular method of Spey fishing.

Salmon Spey Flies are Spey flies developed specifically for coho, chinook, pink, and sockeye salmon
but the great majority of them also work just as well for larger size steelhead. Trout Spey Flies are
usually imitations of baitfish and sculpin. They are very similar to streamers and are in fact a
streamer but usually larger than most other streamers.

The "Spey Fly" comes from the origin of this style of fly that was developed on the Spey River in
Northern Scotland in the 1800s. They dressed the Spey flies with low wings and long flowing hackles.
The use of Spey flies and Spey rods has become popular in the United States within the last twenty
years or less. Spey flies are productive  for Winter Steelhead, Summer Steelhead and Atlantic
Salmon. They are usually larger than the traditional steelhead flies.

At Perfect Fly, we sell only our own Perfect Fly Spey patterns. We list them as being available for
Pacific Coast Steelhead and Great Lakes Steelhead, but either category works equally well wherever
they are used for steelhead. The Perfect Fly steelhead Spey flies are the Black and Purple Spey Hot
Peacock Spey, Hot Flash Spey, Johnny Cash Spey, Firecracker Spey, Tropical Storm Spey, Red and
Yellow Spey, Gold Ribbed Peacock Spey, Silver Ribbed Peacock Spey, Evergreen Spey, Red Wine
Spey, Crimson Tip Yellow Woodpecker Spey, Red Roster Spey, Fools Gold Spey, Black Glitter Spey,
Gray Wolf Spey, Purple and Gold Spey, and Gold Ribbed Redbird Spey. These Spey flies work well
for salmon as well as steelhead and were designed to fish a variety of water color and sky conditions.
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