Skawla Stonefly Adults
As soon as the Skawla Stoneflies shed their nymphal shucks on the rocks and
banks, they will fly to streamside vegetation and mate. The males do not have
wings and only get into the water if they fall or are blown into the water, which
happens frequently. The females will fly out over the riffles and runs they live in
and dart down and touch the water to deposit their eggs. Although the water is
still usually fairly cold, around 50 degrees, the trout will eat them on the surface
and sometimes, very aggressively.

You want to place the Perfect Fly Skawla Adult imitation where you see the large
stoneflies depositing their eggs. If you don't see any, you will be strictly
searching and that isn't always productive even at the right time of year. If the
female are depositing their eggs, you will know it. They are easy to spot on the
water and flying around the banks.

Use whatever type of presentation gets the fly where the action is occurring.
Allow it to float dead drift. It doesn't matter how it hits the water as long as you
don't beat the water with your fly line. Most of the time, the trout will take the fly
very soon after it hits the water.
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