Skawla Stonefly Nymphs
Skawla Stonefly nymphs are very agile. They cannot swim but when the water
reaches 40 degrees and higher, they become active. Like all stoneflies they
move to the banks to hatch. They will occasionally crawl out on a boulder or
rock to hatch. It is during this migration that they are most subject to being
eaten by a trout. Until then, they mostly remain hidden down between or under

The best time to catch trout on our Perfect Fly Skawla Nymph imitation is when
the hatch is just starting. The nymph will migrate to the shallower, calmer water
near the banks to crawl out of the water and hatch. That is where you want to
put you fly.

You want to add enough weight a few inches above the fly to keep in on the
bottom. Cast it our in an up and across manner into the fast water of runs and
riffles and allow the fly to swing all the way around to a downstream position.
When the fly is directly downstream, bring the tip of the rod back towards the
bank to allow the fly to come all the way to the bank. That is usually where you
will get most takes.
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