Stalking Appalachian Trout
Small Stream Fly-fishing At Its Finest!
Recommended Prerequisites: None
Program Length: 51 min.
The Appalachian Mountains rise above the valleys of the eastern United States from
Alabama all the way to southwestern Canada. The term "Appalachian" includes several different
mountain regions within this range. In a broad sense this program applies to all the mountains in
the range but more specifically to regions within the central and southern Appalachian
Mountains. This includes areas as far north as Maryland and West Virginia and as far south as
north Georgia. A substantial part of the mountains lie within the boundaries of national parks
and national and state forest providing a huge number of cold water, freestone trout streams
available for the public to fish.
Host Christopher Tobias teaches you how to catch trout even under low, extremely clear
water conditions. Learn everything you need to know in order to consistently catch trout on the
fly. The detailed instructions include the most successful fishing methods, techniques and
Interactive Menu:
The Trout
Wild And Native Trout
Brook Trout
Brown Trout
Rainbow Trout
The Trout's Vision
The Trout's Vision Under Water
The Trout's Vision Above The Water
How Light Affects The Trout's Vision
Speed of the Water Affects The Trout's Vision
Other Factors That Affects The Trout's Vision
Insects On The Surface Of The Water Outside
The Trout's Window Of Vision
All the trout caught in this presentation are either wild or native trout. None were
stocked or came from a hatchery. Wild and native trout are very aggressive, lightning fast and
much more fun to catch than stocked trout. Catching a native or a stream-bred wild trout just
adds something special to the pleasures and skills required for fly-fishing small streams..

Produced by: James Marsh
Executive Producer: Angela Marsh
Copyright 2011 James Marsh, All Rights Reserved
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Stay Low When Approaching Trout
Move Slowly Approaching Trout
Blend In With Your Surrounding
Fishing Low Water
Stay Hidden Approaching Trout
Using Polarized Glasses
What Trout Eat
Gear Selection
Conclusion And Credits
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About Host Christopher Tobias:
Chris Tobias has been fishing since he was a very young boy. He was born and raised on the
Salmon River, a salmon and steelhead tributary of Lake Ontario in New York  He has fished the
numerous trout streams of western New York as well as the streams of the Eastern Appalachian
Mountains for several years. Chis has considerable experience fishing for the large Great Lakes
tributary steelhead version of the rainbow trout and is used to catching very large fish on light
gear. He prefers to use a 3 weight fly rod to fish the small streams of the Appalachians and as you
will see, does very well using long, light leader and tippet in the extremely clear, low water of the
various streams he fishes in this presentation. .
Available In Both DVD and Blu-ray:
Stalking Appalachian Trout was shot and edited in Hi-definition using the latest professional video
equipment. It's the first fly fishing program commercially offered in Blu-ray. The quality level of
both the DVD and Blu-ray versions is superb.  One has to view it on a hi-definition TV or
monitor and a Blu-ray player to believe its exceptional high quality level.
Christopher Tobias, host of Appalachian Trout, with a nice steelhead on
New York's Salmon River