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Great Lakes Steelhead Flies
Although Steelhead are native to the West Coast of North America
they were stocked in the Great Lakes in the late 1800s and early
1900s. In the East, steelhead live in the Great Lakes and spawn in
freshwater rivers. The fish in the Great Lakes are the same
species as those in the West. Eastern anglers have their own
favorite flies that have developed over the years. Even so, you can
rest assured that flies used in the West will also work for the Great
Lakes fish. Thousands of steelhead fly patterns have been
developed. All of them will work at one time or another and in
certain rivers. We have limited our selections to the most popular
and most effective flies to help insure your success. .
(See Choosing Steelhead Flies)
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Top left image of Christopher Tobias with a
Great Lakes Steelie. Above image Salmon
River New York.
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Types of Great Lakes Steelhead Flies (Click for flies)
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