Pacific Coast Steelhead Fly Selection:

This complete selection of steelhead flies for Pacific Coast  tributaries throughout the
seasons. It includes a few of each of the following: Wet flies and nymphs, egg flies, and
streamers and buggers,  

The selection includes
42 flies as shown: $84.00
Flies purchased separately: $92.10
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Flies Included:
2 each Spawning Purple
2 each Perfect Fly Black Stonefly Nymphs
2 each Mercer's Psycho Prince Nymphs
2 each Perfect Fly Green Sedge Larva
2 each Perfect Fly Cinnamon Sedge Larva
2 each Skykomish Sunrise
2 each Green Butt Skunk
2 each Purple Peril
2 each Bloody Mary
2 each Streetwalker
2 each Egg Sucking Leech, Black with pink egg
2 each Egg Sucking Leech, Purple with red egg
2 each Purple and White Wooly Buggers
2 each Olive and Black Wooly Buggers
2 each White Wooly Buggers
2 each Crystal Meth Eggs
2 each Veiled Beadhead Crystal Eggs
2 each White Red Spot Glow Bugs
2 each Pink White Spot Glow Bugs
2 each Orange Estaz Eggs
2 each Y2K Eggs

Total 42 Pacific Coast Steelhead Flies
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