Choosing Steelhead Flies
Catching steelhead is more of a matter of learning all about the fish, an
anadromous salmonid, than the particular fly you use. You first have to
understand their migrations. That's absolutely necessary to know what is going
on and when and where the fish will be available.

You also have to learn to read the rivers where the steelhead run. The different
types of water in a river - the riffles, pools, runs, flats and other areas, should be
approached and fished differently.

You have to learn how the time of day can be a factor along with water
temperature, water levels and flows, turbidity, and light (sky) conditions all effect
the fish. Each of these things have an influence on where steelhead are at any
point in time.

All of these things can be more important than the fly. That said, we don't want to
understate the importance of the fly. Steelhead can appear to prefer one fly over
another on any given day, but most of the time, it's mostly in the mind of the
angler. That's because there's usually so low of numbers that are caught on any
given day, statics become almost irrelevant.

Until you have fished enough and caught enough steelhead to become confident
in certain flies, we suggest you choose a few basic steelhead flies that have
proven effective over the years. Your not apt to go wrong using flies that have
caught thousands of steelhead in similar waters.  

We could sell a few hundred more steelhead fly patterns than we offer. The
reason we don't is that we don't think having a few hundred different steelhead
fly patterns would improve anyone's catch ratio. We rather stick with those that
are tried and proven to be effective over the years.

We also realize that steelhead flies have trends of popularity. When anglers
discover a new fly pattern that works, they naturally want it. For that reason we
will also maintain a selection of the latest, hottest steelhead flies that are popular
among anglers regardless of where they fish.
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