Fshing a Stimulator on the Bitterroot River
Yellow Stimulator fly
Copyright 2014 James Marsh
Stimulator Fly
According to many, the Stimulator fly was originated by Randy Kuafmann. Some disagree and others,
such as Jim Slattery claim credit for the Stimulator. We have no way of proving who developed it, but
whoever did created a very popular trout fly. The Yellow Stimulator Trout Fly is a decent imitations of a
yellow stonefly.

Although it is basically a yellow color, the Yellow Stimulator Trout Fly can imitate several different
species of stoneflies fairly well. Of course, it only imitates the adult stonefly, not the nymph. It does a
pretty good job of imitating the Golden Stonefly. It has been used for years to imitate just about al the
species of stoneflies.

The Stimulator Fly is sold by just about every mom and pop fly shop in the World and even most of the
larger box stores that sell trout flies. Stoneflies often get caught up in fast water where trout only get a
quick glimpse of a fly. In those situations, you can get by with it imitating most stoneflies. It is best fished
in the fast runs and riffles of trout streams.

It is most successful when it is fished during the time stoneflies are depositing their eggs and can be
seen on the water either dipping down and knocking their eggs off, or landing on the water to deposit
them. In some cases, they drop them from above the water. In either situation, they are easy targets for
hungry trout. Most stoneflies deposit their eggs late in the afternoons and/or in the early evenings.
Naturally, that is the best time to fish the Stimulator.

One thing anglers like about the Stimulator, is the fly floats high and dry. It's hackle does a good job of
keeping it on the surface. You can add fly floatant to stimulators and that just adds to the length of time
the fly will float well and stay highly visible to the angler. Unlike many dry flies, it will float well in rough
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