Yellow Stimulator Trout Fly:

The Yellow Stimulator Trout Fly is a generic imitation of a stonefly. Most
agree that Mr. Randall Kuafmann developed the Stimulator fly pattern but
others disagree. Mr. Jim Slattery of Modeso California also claims credit for
this fly. We read where he claimed he took the idea for the fly pattern from
the old Sofa Pillow fly. His version was first tied in 1980 for use on the
Musconecong Rive in New Jersey. Whoever first came up with the fly
created a very popular stonefly pattern. .

Although it is basically a yellow color, the Yellow Stimulator Trout Fly
imitates many species of adult stoneflies including the Golden Stonefly,
Salmon Stonefly, Brown Stonefly, Little Yellow Stoneflies, Yellow Sallies,
and Little  Green stoneflies which often have a yellow tint. It is best fished
in fast water runs and riffles where the trout only get a short  glimpse of
the fly.

Most stoneflies lay their eggs late in the afternoons and in the early
evenings. This is the best time of day to fish the Stimulator Trout Fly.
When and where you see stoneflies depositing their eggs on the surface
of the water is the time and place to fish the Stimulator.

There's just about no way to fish the fly wrong as long as your fly line don't
splash the water so badly it spooks trout. The fly can hit the water with a
splash because there's not anything delicate about the way stoneflies
deposit their eggs. We suggest a dead drift presentation but you can
twitch the tip of the fly rod and add little subdued jerks to the fly to make it
appear more realistic.

The Yellow  Stimulator fly floats high and dry even in rough surface, fast
water. Floatants can be added but the fly design itself does a good job of
floating the fly.
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Yellow Stimulator Trout Fly
Yellow Stimulator Trout Fly
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