Straight Fork Runs normally
all hold a good number of
wild rainbow trout.
Straight Fork Watershed:
Fly Fishing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
The Straight Fork is a beautiful stream that is probably fished as little as any trout
stream in the park of its size and accessibility. The stream flows into the Raven
Fork outside of the park's boundaries near Cherokee, North Carolina.

tream Size:
The size of this stream ranges from medium to small as compared to other trout
streams of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Much of this stream is accessible from the Straight Fork Road that enters the park
at the fish hatchery. The stream leaves the road about five miles from the entrance
to the park and from there upstream it's only accessible by hiking in through heavy
brush or wading up the stream.

Straight Fork is also accessible from Balsam Mountain Road that enters the park
off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. This road circles around to eventually become the
Straight Fork Road.

The Straight Fork normally has a good population of rainbow and brown trout. The
stream also has brook trout in its upper reaches. The brook trout will begin to
show up upstream of where the road leaves the stream and in its small tributaries.

Average Fish Size:
The fish in this stream are average size for the park's better streams.  

The Straight Fork is not heavily fished. In fact, considering its size, beauty and easy
access, it's fished very little.

Much of the stream offers adequate room for casting. Some of it is tightly enclosed
in tree limbs and brush, but for the most part it's easy to fish for a stream of its
size. You can fish upstream inside the stream bed wading fairly easy.

Tributary Streams:
The Straight Fork has a few tributary streams but none of them are of substantial

Hyatt Creek:
Hyatt Creek is a very small brook trout tributary stream that's difficult to fish due to
the tightly enclosed canopy of rhododendron. The stream is accessible from the
Hyatt Ridge trail.

Balsam Corner Creek:
Balsam Corner Creek is another small brook trout tributary stream.

This is a great small trout stream in all respects and deserves much more
attention than it gets from anglers.
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Straight Fork Pools & Riffles
provides the perfect small
stream fly-fishing experience.
We think it's a much
overlooked stream, probably
due to its proximity to other
streams as well as its
geographic location.
Straight Fork Flowers: I don't
think these are native plants
but they are plentiful along the
stream and very pretty.
Thumbnails-Click on Image
Thumbnails-Click on Image
Angie with a  brown from the Straight Fork.
Although most of the fish you will catch are
rainbows, there are plenty of brown trout in this
Thumbnails-Click on Image
Thumbnails-Click on Image
Perfect Run: There's a brown
or rainbow trout in ever small
run like this in Straight Fork  
and usually more than one.