Streetwalker Steelhead and Salmon Fly

The Streetwalker steelhead and salmon fly is a takeoff from the original Purple Peril fly. A
Flashabou wing is used instead of the squirrel tail that is used on the Purple Peril. The
flash adds enough light reflection to get the attention of steelhead. It works great under
low light conditions such as early in the morning, near dusk and on cloudy days. The
flash is subdued just enough to fool the steelhead as opposed to turning them away.

The Streetwalker Steelhead fly should be swung using the traditional wet-fly swing that's
been used for steelhead for many years. It works in both cold and warm water and is
popular in both Pacific Coast tributary steelhead streams as well as steelhead streams of
the Great Lakes. Use a sinking tip line or a sinking fly line when the water is cold.

The Streetwalker Fly also works great for chum and chinook salmon. It can be fished the
same way for salmon as steelhead. It was originally designed by Gordon Nash. Don't
overlook the fact that it's purple color is the most popular color used for steelhead flies.
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