David Knap with a Striped Bass
Perfect Fly Shad
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Striped Bass Flies
Striped Bass Flies are artificial fishing flies that imitate the food Striped Bass eat. The Striped Bass,
or "striper", as it is commonly called, are a prize gamefish to many fly anglers. Striped Bass are
native to the  Atlantic coastline from the St. Lawrence River inlet into the Gulf of Mexico to
approximately the state of Texas coastline. They are anadromous fish. This means they migrate
between fresh to saltwater. They have also been successfully adapted to freshwater.

The largest concentrations of saltwater striped bass are on the east coast from Massachusetts to
North Carolina. They also exist on the west coast from Oregon to southern California. They also exist
in many lakes where they are landlocked. Striped bass from different habitats feed on different kinds
of food, but mostly fish. Flies for land-locked stripers are different from those designed to catch
stripers from the surf, rivers leading into salwater, inlets and sounds.

Striped Bass flies imitate a lot of different food the fish eat and they will eat just about anything.
Striped Bass are somewhat nocturnal, and feed most actively at dusk and dawn. They will feed
during the day, especially if plenty of food is readily available to them. Saltwater-run stripers are
particularly active with tidal and current flows. They feed mostly on baitfish, crabs and clams along
the shoreline. They eat a large variety of food, usually depending on what is most readily available.
Sand worms, blood worms, ribbon worms, squid, shrimp and clams are other foods that stripers dine

Although the striper is an technically an opportunistic feeder, they can be very selective as to what
they eat. It isn't as much a matter of preference as it is their location and available food at anyone
point in time. Flies that imitate sand launce or sand eels, silversides and menhaden are productive
for the anadromous stripers. Flies that imitate shad are most popular and productive for the
landlocked stripers.

There are Perfect Fly specific imitations of shad that are highly effective for both the landlocked and
anadromous striped bass. We also sell many of the generic striped bass flies, such as Deceivers and
Clousers. The
Perfect Fly Shad is the top landlocked striped bass fly. It imitates a threadfin shad as
well as other shad species very well. Several great striped bass flies are shown on this
Perfect Fly
Page. They are the Green Barred Baitfish fly, Blue and White Eel, Green Minnow fly, Bunker Fly,
Olive Baitfish fly, Dark Bunker fly and Light Bunker fly.
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