Sulphur Dun - Nymph

The Sulphur Dun crawler nymphs inhibit the riffles and runs of the moderate to
slow currents.  This type of water is found in the section of stream that falls on a
slow to moderate decline in elevation as opposed to a steep decent. They are
found in a wide range of waters including spring creeks, freestone streams and
tailwaters. This Sulphur mayfly is found mostly in the Eastern U. S. and some
Mid-Western Streams.

You can catch trout on imitations of the nymph anytime or the year. Crawler
nymphs cannot hide underneath rocks and in tight places such as the clingers
can and consequently, they are eaten more frequently than most other types of
nymphs. That said, the best time to fish our "Perfect Fly" Sulphur Dun Nymph is
just prior to a hatch. The nymphs become real active and loose a lot of their
normal caution.

Nymph Presentation:
These nymphs will move to the nearest, calmer, shallower water a few days prior
to emerging. Usually this is only a few feet or less. When they begin to emerge to
hatch they are very subject to being the meal of a hungry trout.

You can fish the nymph imitation prior to the hatch near the bottom using a strike
indicator, without an indicator, or on the swing. We think you will be better off
fishing a weighted nymph right on the bottom even though it is more difficult to
detect strikes. The fly works best if it is slowly bouncing along the bottom of the

In most situation, we use an up and across presentation. There are many
situation where the surface of the water is smooth where he nymphs are
hatching. In those cases you may want to use a down and across presentation.
It's more difficult to get close to the trout in smooth water and the down and
across cast lets you drift the fly over trout that are a good distance from you.

The leader should be from 8 to 12 feet long depending on the type of stream.
Spring Creek and smooth flowing tailwaters require longer leaders and lighter
tippets. Most of the time you can get by using a 5X tippet.
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