Anchovy Fly

The anchovy is a significant food source for almost every predatory fish in its
environment, including, yellowtail, sharks, chinook, snook, jack crevalle, ladyfish, bass,
tuna, cuda, mackerel and coho salmon. They are found in most all temperate waters
throughout the world. You will not find them in tropical or cold waters.

Anchovy do not get very large. The average size is probably four to six inches. They are
small, slim, silvery fish that are carried in and out passes. You can find them in most all
shallow bays and estuaries. They are also common in brackish water. Most of the smaller
anchovies are called Bay Anchovies. The larger ones and the ones our fly imitates are
called Silver Sides.

This is a popular fly in the Northeastern United States coast. From North Carolina to the
Maine, from May until November you can catch several different species that feed on

Our Anchovy Fly comes in a hook size 3/0. Like all of our saltwater flies, these flies are
tied on super sharp, stainless steel hooks. You will need a fast to medium fast action,
nine weight fly rod to turn this fly over. You may get by with an eight weight but we would
not recommend it. A ten weight may be more appropriate for large gamefish and windy
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