Backcountry Baitfish

The "Perfect Fly" Backcountry Baitfish is an imitation of the many different species of
small baitfish that are found in the backcountry or bays, sounds and shallow inshore
waters around the world. In the U.S., for example, this fly works great in the Florida Keys
backcountry. Snook, smaller tarpon, sea trout, speckled trout, redfish and just some of
the backcountry game fish that will readily take this fly.

Like all of our saltwater flies, these flies are tied on super sharp, stainless steel hooks.
The 2/0 hook size Backcountry Baitfish imitations are about three and three-fourth inches
in length.

Under most conditions you will find that a fast or medium fast taper, nine foot fly rod will
turn this fly over well. We have been able to use this size rod - fly combination even in
windy conditions. If the particular species of game fish you are after are small to medium
size fish, you may want to try an eight weight rod. There is little use or need to use a rod
any heavier than is absolutely necessary. An eight weight will usually work well provided
the wind isn't blowing very much but under windy conditions you will probably need more
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