Brown Crab

Perfect Fly's "Brown Crab" fly is a simi-realistic imitation of the small crabs commonly
found on the saltwater flats around the world. This fly is very effective for permit,
bonefish, tarpon and many other species of fish that feed on the flats. It is also effective
for backcountry waters and species such as redfish, sea trout, speckled trout, small
tarpon and many other species of fish found in estuaries.

This fly's body or shell is made primarily of deer hair. It is not exactly simple to tie. It has
eyes, feather claws and legs that help provide that realistic look. It has a mono weed
guard that allows the fly to be used where there is grass, other vegetation and rough
bottom that could foul the hook or hang the fly. Like all of our flies, this one is tied using
super sharp, stainless steel hooks.

This fly should be stripped very slowly between long pauses right on the bottom. About
the only mistake you can make with it is fishing it too fast. It is realistic enough that the
fish will eat it in ultra clear water even when it is not moving.

We suggest an eight weight, medium to fast action fly rod for most fishing situations. If
you are fishing for large fish, you may want to go to a larger, heavier fly rod. Strong winds
may also require a heavier rod such as a nine weight. Large species of fish will eat this
small crab and if you are subject to catching one, you may even want to consider a ten
weight fly rod. The size of the rod strictly depends on the size of the fish you are subject
to catch. The fly is light and easy to cast, especially in light wind.
Copyright 2013 James Marsh
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