Bunker Fly

The "Perfect Fly" Bunker Fly is an imitation of a bunker, or the Atlantic Menhaden. They
are a very oily baitfish that are eaten by numerous species of saltwater game fish. These
fish travel in large school and sometime move up and down the Atlantic beaches very
near the shore. That is why they work well in the surf.

Anglers use this fly primarily for strippers and bluefish but they will take any saltwater
game fish in the sea. Professional king mackerel anglers troll them in tournaments.
Anglers cut them up and use them for cut bait. They are so oily they are often used for
chumming. Menhaden oil is often used for chumming. Chumming with smaller live bait
and/or cut bait and is a good way of attracting game fish to your boat to be caught on the

We tie this fly in only one size at the present time - a 3/0. One reason is that many
anglers make the mistake of trying to use to large a fly. Bunker get to be up to sixteen
inches long but that is not the size that is productive for fly rod use. Like all of our
saltwater flies, these flies are tied on super sharp, stainless steel hooks.

We recommend a fast action or medium fast action, nine weight fly rod for this fly. You
can cast it on an eight weight but it would be tricky in high winds to do so. High winds may
require a ten weight rod. There is no reason to use the ten weight unless you are
catching very large fish (and that is entirely possible) or fishing in high winds.
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