Olive and White Clouser Baitfish
Chartruse and White Clouser Baitfish

The "Perfect Fly" Olive and White Clouser Baitfish and the Chartruse and White Clouser
Baitfish are generic imitations of baitfish. The fly was originally designed by Bob Clouser
as a fly for smallmouth bass. They soon became excellent searching flies for saltwater
gamefish. They are also one of the most popular flies for saltwater fish.

We recommend the Olive and White version when you are fishing clear water. The
Chartruse and White works great for stained or off colored water. These flies can be
used just about anywhere there is saltwater - bays, inlets, sounds, channels, creeks are
anywhere else the water is fairly deep.

Some of the species this fly is commonly used for is bluefish, drum, flounder, sea trout,
tarpon, striped bass but there are many other species.

Like all of our saltwater flies, these are tied on super sharp, stainless steel hooks. They
come in hook sizes 2 and 1/0.

We recommend an eight or nine weight fly rod. Fast to medium fast actions work best in
most fishing situations. This fly cast well in windy conditions so the same fly rods will
usually work just fine under those conditions.
You should fish the fly based on the species of gamefish you are pursuing. If it is a
bottom fish, you should crawl it across the bottom. If there are on the surface, you should
strip the fly fast using long strips with short pauses between strips. If you are after
anything that strikes, vary the retrieve from slow to fast. Vary the strips from short, erratic
strips to long strips. If there are fish there, you will soon know it.
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