Marabou Shrimp (Tan, Yellow, White and Coral)

Perfect Fly's "Marabou Shrimp"  imitates shrimp that are found on the saltwater flats and  
the shallow water of the backcountry and estuaries. They are eaten by many species of
gamefish. It is an excellent bonefish fly as well as a permit fly. Other species the fly works
great on are the redfish, ladyfish, striped bass, pompano, flounder, fluke, speckled trout,
sea trout and just about any inshore saltwater gamefish that eat shimp.

The fly comes in four colors: Yellow, white, coral and tan. We like to use the coral and tan
colors in ultra clear water. The Yellow is especially good in backcountry waters, brackish
water and flats with some color due to wind and heavy sea action. The white will work well
in any color of water, clear or stained.

The fly rides with the hook turned up and works well on most any type of bottom, sand,
rock, and in weedy areas. They are tied on super sharp, stainless steel hooks.

These flies cast well with their slightly weighted dumbell eyes. They come in a hook size
6, which is about 2 and one-half inches long. We suggest a nine-weight, fast to medium
fast action fly rod.
Copyright 2016 James Marsh
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