Flats Minnow

Perfect Fly's "Flats Minnow"  imitates minnows that are found on the flats. This is a great
bonefish fly. It cast well and works great on the shallow flats where bonefish feed.
The fly is the natural color of most minnows found on the flats.

This fly has been tested extensively in the Bahamas, Florida Keys and many other areas
of the world. It has taken numerous bonefish and lots of other saltwater gamefish that
feed on the flats. It can also be used in inshore waters, the backcountry and estuaries.
Redfish, speckled trout, weakfish and many other species of fish will also take this fly.

It should be fished with short to medium strips with slight pauses in between. Like all of
our flies, this one is tied on super sharp, stainless steel hooks. It comes in two sizes, a
hook size 4 and 6. It can be fished with an eight weight fly rod or with one a size or two
larger. We would recommend a nine weight, fast to medium fast action rod for the best
results for bonefish.
Copyright 2016 James Marsh
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