Green Barred Baitfish

The "Perfect Fly" Green Barred Baitfish Fly imitates numerous baitfish that are fed on by
larger gamefish in saltwater around the world. Striped Killifish, Mummie, Killie,
Mummiehog, Chub, Sheepshead minnows, and other small baitfish. We highly suggest
this fly when you are not sure what the fish are feeding on. It can be used in bays,
estuaries, channels, inlets, the backcountry and on the flats. It is also great for brackish
water. It is one of the most versatile flies that exist for saltwater applications.

It will catch just about any species of saltwater gamefish there are including snook,
redfish, sea trout, speckled trout, tarpon, bluefish, striped bass, bonito, jacks and many
other species of saltwater gamefish.

We tie this fly on a super sharp, stainless steel, 2/0 size hook. That is about the average
size of common baitfish found in saltwater around the world. The fly is about three and
one-half inches long.

We suggest that you try a variety of retrieves when your are using this fly.  Short, quick
strips usually work very well but vary the retrieve depending on the depth and type of
water you are fishing and also, the species of fish most prevalent in the water you are

In most fishing applications a nine weight fly rod would present this fly well. You could use
as light a rod as an eight weight. If you are catching fish as large as tarpon, for example,
you may want to go to a ten weight. The rod you use strictly depends on the wind and
size of the fish you are most likely to catch. As with most saltwater fly fishing, we
recommend a fast to medium fast action fly rod.
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