Green Tarpon Baitfish

Perfect Fly's "Green Tarpon Baitfish" fly is a modification of one of the best tarpon flies
ever tied. We add a little glitter and sparkle to the fly to make it a little more obvious but
we are not certain if that appeals more to the fish or the angler. All we know is that it
catches fish. They come in three hook sizes -  2, 1/0 and 3/0.

Most anglers agree that the size of the fly is far more important than the color. We use
shades of green simply because it works though out the world in just any color or type of
water. Like all of our "Perfect Flies", the Green Tarpon Baitfish is tied using extra sharp,
stainless steel hooks.

Like most any other fish, tarpon come in three basic sizes - small, medium and large - but
the difference in the sizes of the fish are huge. The small tarpon, up to twenty pounds are
a thrill for anyone to catch, especially on a fly rod. A medium size tarpon can wear you
out. They are not easy to catch on a fly rod. A large tarpon, from eighty to over a
hundred and fifty pounds can be intimidating. They can destroy a fly rod and an angler.
All three sizes of these "Silver Kings" will eat our Green Tarpon Baitfish fly. It is not near
as difficult to get the tarpon to eat a fly as it is to catch one that does eat a fly.

As complex as tarpon fishing may seem, it gets down to one simple thing. Placing the fly
in front of a fish. That doesn't always mean success. Sometimes they will not take it.
Many anglers rush to change flies, thinking it is the fly color or size that caused the
refusal. It is possible that could be the case but most often, it is due to one simple thing.
The fish did not want to eat it. One thing for sure, if you use this fly, you can rest assured
that you are using a fly that has proven successful over the years.
Copyright 2016 James Marsh
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