Herring Fly

"Perfect Fly's" Herring Fly is an imitation of small herring, alewives and menhaden. It is a
great striper and bluefish fly but will take many other species of saltwater gamefish.
Tarpon, Reds, sea trout, weakfish, jack crevalle, false albacore, bonita, small tuna and
many other fish will readily take this fly.

Blueback Herring will move from the seas into the creeks into brackish or fresh water to
spawn. They will remain there for a few months before moving back out to sea. They are
eaten by a variety of fish during this inshore and offshore migration.

The hook size 2/0 flies are almost three and one-half inches long. The hook size 3/0 flies
are over five inches long. Like all of our saltwater flies, these flies are tied on super
sharp, stainless steel hooks.

This fly works best using slow strips and very short twitches. The 2/0 size fly usually
requires a nine-weight, fast to medium fast action fly rod. It is possible to use an eight
weight rod but it will be almost useless under windy conditions. If you are using the 3/0 fly,
we suggest either a nine weight or a ten weight, fast to medium fast action rod. In most
cases, a ten weight would be preferred but it depends on the wind and on the size of the
fish you are pursuing.
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