Green Mackerel
Blue Mackerel

The "Perfect Fly" Green and Blue Mackerel flies imitate the Atlantic Mackerel and well as
small Spanish Mackerel. They usually move inshore during the spring and the fall
months. When these mackerel are inshore they are normally found in bays, inlets and
harbors. They usually travel in schools. They can be shades of green and blue
depending on the area and species. These small fish are also called tinkers and

Striped bass, bluefish, weakfish, Atlantic bonito, false albacore and other species of
gamefish feed on mackerel. We tie this fly using a 3/0 hook because we feel this is the
most common size that gamefish feed on. We use super sharp, stainless steel hooks on
all of our saltwater flies. These flies are over five inches long.

Schools of these mackerel can be found at various depths. You will need to present the
fly at the depth the particular species of fish you are pursuing are feeding on them.
Generally, this occurs nearer the surface than in deep water.  

We recommend a nine weight, fast to medium action fly rod for most situations. You may
need to use a ten weight depending on the size of the fish you are catching and the wind.
Windy conditions can require a heavier rod.
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