Red and White Finger Mullet
Olive and White Finger Mullet

The "Perfect Fly" Red and White Finger Mullet and the Olive and White Finger Mullet are
an imitations of small white and silver mullet and other similar looking baitfish that are
found in shallow saltwater throughout the world. These small fish stay in the estuaries
until they are about six inches long. At that size they move out into the deeper water.
They are called "finger mullet" because they are shaped round like a man's finger rather
than flat like most baitfish.

Tarpon, snook, bluefish, stripers, jacks, trout, barracuda and numerous other gamefish
love this small baitfish.

Like all of our saltwater flies, these flies are tied on super sharp, stainless steel hooks.
The 2/0 hook size finger mullet imitations are about three and one-quarter inches in

Ten-weight rods and heavy-taper, weight-forward floating fly lines may be required to
turn this fly over well under windy conditions. We use an 8-weight in calm conditions but
that can be too little when you are fishing for larger species and could result in a broken
rod. We suggest a nine-weight rod for average fishing conditions, if there is such a thing
as average conditions.
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