Pink Rabbit Baitfish

The "Perfect Fly" Pink Rabbit Baitfish was conceived from using a similar fly, called a
flesh fly, in Alaska for fish feeding on decaying flesh of salmon that have spawned and
died. By accident we discovered the same fly worked great for large brown trout.
Continuing to try to figure out why it was so successful, we tried in backwater creeks to
discover it was effective there just as well.

The color pink is not pink to a fish viewing the fly from a distance. It is shades of brown
depending on the exact water color and light penetration. I will not theorize as to why the
fish take the streamer fly but I will attest to the fact that just many different species of
saltwater game fish love this fly. Bluefish, stripers, snook, barracuda, king mackerel,
spanish mackerel, jacks, redfish, tarpon are some of the species that we know have been
caught on this fly.

As the name implies, the fly is made of a rabbit strip that has been died pink. It is tough
and is not affected to any appreciable extent by the teeth of fish such as barracuda. It
also has a high percentage of hook ups because when a fish takes the fly, it rarely drops
it. We think it feels like a natural bait to the fish and for that reason they hold onto it.

This fly is currently only sold in a hook size 3/0. That size fly requires a nine weight rod
for most fishing situations. You may even need a ten weight in high winds. Because just
about anything that swims in saltwater will take the fly, we don't suggest you use anything
Copyright 2016 James Marsh
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