Tellico Nymph Trout Fly:

The Tellico Nymph is named after the storied Tennessee Tellico River of
the Cherokee National Forest where it was proven to fool big browns. It is
a simple fly intended to imitate stonefly nymphs that are common in the
Appalachian Mountains trout streams. It is an impressionistic fly that works
is several different sizes that range in size about the same as the varies
species of stoneflies.

Like most stonefly nymphs, the Tellico Nymph should be fished on or near
the bottom. Many anglers fish it free line wise, by adding some weight
above the fly a few inches. It can also be fished using a strike indicator.
Probably, the most effective way to fish it is using the high sticking method
of nymphing.
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Tellico Nymph
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