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Mono that is fairly stiff will not stretch easy but it resist abrasion
much more than softer mono. It is not very flexible and tends to
want to stay straight. It resist bending. It has a tendency to
create drag on small dry flies and is not useful for that type of
tippets. It is okay where the tippet is subjected to abrasive
material such as shells or other sharp or abrasive material in
the water.

The opposite of the stiff mono is mono that bends and
stretches easily. It is very forgiving and very soft. It doesn't take
much abrasive contact to destroy it. It is very flexible and doesn't
resist bending like the harder mono. It would not be very
practical where it would be in contact with abrasive material.
The soft mono would break where it received much abrasion.

Perfect Fly PerfectFlex Tippet is a happy medium to those two
extremes. It is mono that is neither very hard or extremely soft. It
stretches reasonable well but offers some resistance to
stretching. It stretches just enough to prevent breaking the
tippet from sudden shocks but it will not stretch enough to
weaken it. It is elastic enough to return to its original shape.
This medium memory allows the tippet to stretch before
breaking but not to the point that it doesn't return to its original
shape. It works best under most fly fishing conditions.

Perfect Fly PerfectFlex Tippet is neither hard or extremely soft.
It resist some abrasion without breaking but not to the point it
greatly reduces other qualities. It works great with small dry
flies. Stiff mono tends to cause the small dry flies to drift
unnaturally. Our "Perfect Fly" PerfectFlex doesn't. It ties easily
and retains its memory well. We think it is the best mono to use
for fly line tippets.

Coming Soon!
Fluorocarbon Tippet:
Perfect Fly No-See-Um Fluorocarbon tippet is coming soon! It
works best for fishing nymphs in extremely clear water. Its
higher density allows it to sink better than nylon.
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Our PerfectFlex Tippet is the best
mononylon tippet
you can buy. In
addition to that, you get almost
as much tippet
material as there is
on our competition's spools.

Our spools of tippet have
55 yards of
material versus
30 yards contained on
the small spools of most other tippet
New! Perfect Fly PerfectFlex Tippet
Nylon is the most
common material tippets
are made of; however, all
monofilament is not the
same. There are different
types of the nylon material
used to make tippet. The
biggest difference in
mono is the hardness
and stretchability of the
Air and Water Temperature Effects:
The temperature of the air and water  
affects the flexibility of tippet material. In
warm temperatures it tends to be more
stiffer. There isn't anything you can do
about that short of changing types of
tippet with the weather, something that is
neither practical or necessary.

The characteristics of the nylon tippet
material we choose for PerfectFlex took
this into consideration. It is at its best
when the water is in the preferred range
of trout, not warm water species.
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