"Perfect Fly" Tippet
Spool Holder
"Perfect Fly" Tippet Spool Holder
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This adjustable tippet spool holder is made to hold and dispense your tippet,
or the large or small foam midge or mulit-fly rigs spools.. It has an adjustable
tippet spool stacking system and holds several spools of tippet material. The
center cord is elastic and stretches to fish various sizes of spools. It can be
attached to your lanyard, fly vest, sling pack or just about anything that's
convenient. It makes it easy to get the tippet you need from the spools.
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Perfect Fly tippet holder with tippet
Shown with Tippet (not included)
Holds several spools of most any
manufacturer's tippet material.
Perfect fly small foam rigging spools
Tippet Holder also hold Perfect Fly "Large and
Small Foam Rigging Spools