Upside Down
Floatant Holder
"Perfect Fly" Upside Down Floatant/Sinkant Holder
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Upside Down Floatant/Sinkant Holder:
Works best on a zinger.  You can squeeze any standard sized dry fly floatant
tube into it so you can save time on the stream keeping applying floatant to
your dry flies. It is low priced, handy and prevents having to search  through
your vest every time your dries start sinking. Fits Loon and most any standard
size floatant bottle. Attach it to a zinger on your lanyard, vest or anywhere
handy and it keeps your floatant ready and accessible.
Perfect fly upside down floatant holder
Perfect fly upside down floatant holder with Look Aquel
Shown with Loon floatant not included.