Loon UV Wader Repair
(1/2 Ounce)
Loon UV Wader Repair
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A quick application of UV Wader Repair fixes the inevitable wader rips, tears or punctures in
seconds. It can be used on wet suits, Gore-Tex, spray skirts and similar items as well.
Simply apply, expose to UV light and you are back in business.
Perfect Fly:
The world's best waders can easily be damaged and begin to leak. All it takes is a
puncture from a fly, tough thorn, or maybe just slipping and falling down in the wrong
place. Sometimes, just sitting down in the wrong place is enough to cause leak.  
PF Approved indicates product manufactured by others that Perfect Fly recommends and approves the use of.
-----Repairs pin hole leaks in waders
-----Works on Gore-tex, neoprene, etc
-----Cures soft and pliable
-----Instantly cures with sunlight or UV light
Directions for use:
Determine location of leak in waders (With waders inside out, spray general area with
rubbing alcohol. Look for dark spot on the outside of waders). While indoors or shaded
from the sun, apply enough UV Wader repair to coat damaged area, as well as the area
around each hole. Expose to sun light or use Loon's UV Mini Lamp or UV Power Light to
cure. In direct sun (or when using Loon's UV Lights) hardening should take approximately
15 seconds.