Trico (Tricorythodes)

The Trico emergers sometimes loose their nymphal shuck beneath the water.
They do emerge in the surface skim. There are times when the trout will feed on
the emergers and not on the duns on the surface.

Emerger Presentation:
The "Perfect Fly" Emerger should be presented according to the type of water
you are fishing. It is has conflicting currents and a simi-rough surface, we
suggest an up and across presentation. If it is smooth such as it is in many spring
creeks and some tailwaters, we suggest you fish the emerger down and across.
You want both the "Perfect Fly" Emerger and Emerger with a trailing shuck to
float in the surface skim.

We prefer to watch the end of our fly line and /.or leader for any odd movements
to detect strikes. Some anglers do not like this method because it does require a
lot of concentration. We the fishing is slack and you are not catching fish
continously, it is easy to take your mind off of the fly for a few seconds.

You can fish the emerger about two feet from a small dry fly that is highly visible
on the surface. This will let you detect the strikes much easier. The dry fly will be
taken under when the trout takes the emerger.

Fishing the emerger is sometimes the best method to use fishing a Trico hatch. If
you are not prepared with imitations of all the stages of the hatch, you will find
out why they are called "White Winged Curse" very quickly.
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