Trico (Tricorythodes)

The Trico (Tricorythodes) or White Winged Curse, is a very small mayfly that
hatches in the summer and fall months in trout streams throughout the United
States. The inhibit the slower sections of the streams and some lakes. There are
about three species that are important to anglers. Fortunately all three, the
minutus, stygiatus and allectus all very similar. Most of these hatches occur from
late June into October and later is some rare cases. Some species are
bi-brooded, meaning they hatch twice a year.

The nymphs are crawlers that inhibit spring creeks, freestone streams and some
tailwaters. They are at home where the bottom is soft and there is a lot of

Nymph Presentation:
The "Perfect Fly" Nymph can be fished in the surface skim with no added weight
or it can be weighted and fished at any depth. If you are fishing a stream with a
large Trico population, fishing a nymph at any time is not a bad idea. You can
fish it without or with a strike indicator. Most anglers prefer the strike indicator.
We think the best presentation is up and across. This lets you get closer to the
trout, make short cast and keep you eye on things.

As with many mayflies, the best time to fish the nymph is during a hatch. If the
water is very smooth or slick such as it is in many spring creeks, you may want to
use a down and across presentation.
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