Three Ways To Select Trout Flies:

1. From Our Suggested Fly Selections For The Area You Fish
This is the best method to use if you are not familiar with the insects the trout feed on.

2. From The Stream Hatch Charts For The Stream or Lake You Fish
This is the best method to use if you are familiar with insects the trout feed on but don't
know which insects are present in the particular stream you intend to fish.

3. By Selecting Individual Insects And Other Foods You Want To Imitate
This is the best method to use is you have a good knowledge of the insects trout feed on
and you know which ones are present in the water you intend to fish. Just go back to the
main menu and select the particular mayfly, caddisfly, etc.

Other Options For Selecting Trout Flies:
1. You Can Email Us And Tell Us Where You Fish and When You Will Be Fishing
There and We Will Send You A List Of Our Suggestions.
Please allow up to 24 hours
for our response.

2. You Can Call Us And We Will Help You Decide Which Flies You Will Need. Our
telephone number is
800 594 4726

3. You Can Call or
Email Us with a Budget for your Flies and We will select them
and Get Them to You in Time for your Trip

Identifying Your Trout Flies:
Some anglers can easily identify each fly they order but many are not able to do that.
When you receive your flies, you will be able to easily identify each type of fly. We package
your trout flies such that each type of fly is designated by its name. We either place them
in separate boxes or designate each type of fly by a strip of paper with its name on it.
On Line Shopping
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