Twentymile Creek:
This stream is a very beautiful
medium size stream with a lot
of willing rainbow trout ready
to eat your fly.
Twentymile Creek Watershed:
Fly Fishing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
the best hidden, little known, yet very accessible streams in the park. If you
take the time to travel there you will most likely be in for a good day of

The fish are predominantly rainbows with a few stocked brook trout (so we
have  been told but cannot substantiate) in the lower part of the stream near
its confluence with Cheoah Lake.

Average Fish Size:
The trout in Twentymile Creek are of average size for Smoky Mountains
National Park.

Often there isn't a vehicle at the Ranger Station near the entrance. It's rarely if
ever crowded, yet it's a very good trout stream.

The Twentymile Trial that follows the stream is generally a good one and
provides access for most of the stream but it doesn't necessarily follow it

Several portions of the stream is a little on the difficult side to access. In some
places you must progress upstream in the creek because the banks are
thickly covered with trees and brush. Rhododendrons line the banks of the
stream in many places. In some places the banks are very steep. Still,
negotiating the stream is possible.

Tributary Streams:
Moore Springs Branch is the only sizeable tributary stream but it' very small
and difficult to fish stream because of the tight canopy of overhanging tree

Twentymile creek is located in a fairly secluded area of the park and is
probably the reason it sees only a few anglers as compared to many other
streams. Access ranges from easy to tough depending on how far you want to
walk. This is an excellent choice for those desiring to explore new streams
and areas of the park.  

Copyright 2011 James Marsh
Small runs and fast pocket
make up the bulk of
Twenymile Creek.
Some very nice rainbows
can be taken from this small
Angie with a small rainbow Most of the trout
in Twentymile Creek are rainbows. We haven't
caught many large ones but we have been
able to catch a lot of them.
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Thumbnais -Click to enlarge
Twentymile Creek is a nice little Smoky
Mountain Stream
that you would most likely
be the only one fishing.
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