Atlantic Salmon Fly:
The Undertaker was created by Mr. Warren Duncan. It was originally designed for New
Brunswick Atlantic Salmon.  The fly was first used on the Miramichi River. Over the years
it has also proven to be a great steelhead pattern. It's also used for large lake run brown

The dark hair wing pattern of the Undertaker Atlantic Salmon Fly was conceived from
pieces of existing successful flies, including the Englehardt Special and the Black Bear.
The idea turned into a fly that has become one of the better swing flies one can select to

The hair-wing offers a nice profile and also helps the fly perform well on the swing. The
color combination triggers reactions from the Atlantic Salmon and steelhead. This fly
should be fished using the traditional swing method.

This fly is especially useful on dark, cloudy days. It's dark wing also shows up well in
stained water.
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