Abrams Creek Rainbow Trout
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Fly Fishing On Abrams Creek (GSMNP)
In Tennessee
Abrams Creek is completely different from all the other
streams in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Its a
spring creek in its upper section and has a much higher
pH than the other, more acidic streams in the park. The
results is that it has more food for the trout. Anthony
Creek adds the normal, more acidic Smoky Mountains
water to the flow near the upper end of the stream.

The rainbow trout get as large as they get anywhere in
the park in Abrams Creek. Rainbows over twelve inches
long are not uncommon and they get even larger. This
is the best rainbow trout stream in the park in our
opinion. It has n excellent population of aquatic insects
because of its higher than normal pH level.

To access the upper part of Abrams Creek you have to
drive half way around the loop road in Cades Cove. The
lower part of the stream is accessible from Abrams
Creek Campground but you have to hike upstream a
ways to encounter the rainbows. There's plenty of
aquatic insects, crustaceans, sculpin and baitfish for the
trout to eat.

The lower section is better suited for smallmouth bass.
From the lowest access that is near a road, you usually
have to hike a good distance upstream to reach the best
trout fishing areas.  Abrams Creek terminates into
Chilhowee Reservoir downstream from the campground.

The fishing season in Great Smoky Mountains National
Park is year-round.
Spring is by far the best time to fish Abrams Creek.
There are numerous aquatic insect hatches including
large Green Drakes.
In its uppermost end, the water is Abrams is cooled by
underground springs. The stream provides excellent
fishing even during hot weather.
Fall is the most scenic time to fish Abrams. You will see
lots of wildlife in Cades Coves, including bears
occasionally. The fishing is usually great.
As mentioned above, the creek is feed by springs in its
upper portion and the water stays warm during the
coldest weather.

Fly Fishing Guide to Abrams Creek:
There are two types of water as far as access is
concerned - easy and difficult.
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