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Fly Fishing The Allagash River Maine
The Allagash River is a 65 mile long river located in
northern Maine. It's a tributary of the St. John River. It is
a portion of the huge Allagash Wilderness Waterway. It's
also a National Wild and Scenic River.

The origination of the Allagash River is from Churchill
Dam at the outlet of Churchill Lake. The river flows
through several lakes on its way to the St. John
including Umsaskis Lake, Long Lake, Round Pond,
Telos Lake, Chamberlain Lake, Big Eagle Lake, and
Churchill Lake.

The Allagash River is one of Maine's best native brook
trout streams. Fly fishing the Allagash River is a true
wilderness experience. There are not any towns or
services of any along the course of the river.

There are only a few possible access locations along
the river. The best way to fish the river is to do a
multi-day float. Day trips are possible but multi-day trips
provide the finest adventure.

There are several outfitters that will assist with canoe
trips along the Allagash River. Although the river can be
waded in some areas, much of the water is too deep for
wading. Fishing from a canoe is the best way to fish it.

The months of May and June provides good brook trout
fishing opportunities. The water gets a little warm in the
hottest part of the Summer. At that time, fishing is best
at the confluence of the smaller tributaries along the
river. By September, cooler weather usually brings
about an increase in angler's success and continues it
continues to be good until the season ends.

The best brook trout fishing probably takes place from
about the middle of June through the first week of July
although you can catch them throughout the season.
That's because of the large hatches of Green Drakes.
Fly fishing the Allagash River during the Green Drake
hatch provides some of the World's best dry fly brook
trout action.  

The Allagash River fishing seasons are subject to
change from year to year. Check the current regulations
Late Spring is probably the best time to fish the Allagash
River due to the aquatic insect hatches.
Summertime is okay, but the water can get a little on the
warm side and the brook trout fishing usually slows down
Early Fall can provide good fishing opportunities

Fly Fishing Gear, Tackle and Flies
Type of Stream

Native Brook Trout
Lake Trout

Medium to Large and 65 miles long

Northern Maine

Nearest Towns
Ft. Kent

Check current regulations and

Very Limited

Non-Resident License
State of Maine

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