Allegheny River Rainbow Trout
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Fly Fishing Allegheny River
The Allegheny River is a tailwater formed by the Kinzua
Dam located in the Allegheny National Forest. It yields
some very large trophy trout. Fly fishing the Allegheny
River can be a very exciting experience.

The highlight of the Allegheny River tailwater is the
"Trophy Trout" section that's eight and three-quarter
miles long. Most of the trout are holdovers from
previously stocked trout, but they are no pushovers. As
the days go by, these trout adapt the same
characteristics of large wild trout. The Allegheny River
has a good population of trout that exceeds eighteen
inches in length. There are brown trout that reach
lengths of thirty inches in this river.

During mid summer, you can catch wild brown trout in its
tributaries. There's water cool enough to sustain a
decent population of the wild browns in the small stream

The river also has a good population of large holdover
rainbows. They can reach lengths of over twenty inches.

There are plenty of trout from the Kinzua Dam
downstream to Warren. Access is provided on both
sides of the river. Hemlock Road provides access on the
north side. On the south side access is provided from
State Highway #59.  

It is very important to check the discharge rates and
stream levels. The water can fluctuate at times. When it
is low, catching trout is generally more difficult. When it's
high, it is impossible to wade. There's a link to your left
for current real time stream levels on the Allegheny
River tailwater.

If you catch the water just right, fly fishing the Allegheny
River can provide a thrill equal to any fly fishing

The season is the general Pennsylvania trout season.
Provided the water levels are okay, springtime is a good
time for fly fishing the Allegheny River tailwater.
Summertime is fine in most areas but you should keep
an eye on the water temperatures.
Fall is probably the best time for fly fishing the Allegheny
River and certainly a good time to catch the larger
brown trout
Wintertime can be tough but midges can produce on the
coldest days.
Type of Stream

Brown Trout (Wild and stocked with
Rainbows (Stocked)


Northwestern Pennsylvania

Nearest Town

Middle of April through February


Special Regulations

Non-Resident License
State of Pennsylvania

National Weather Service Link

Fly Fishing Gear, Tackle and
Trout Flies

USGS Real Time Flow Data at
Kinzua Dam
Allegheny River
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Allegheny River Fishing Report - Archive:
12/03/13 Flows have been high but back down below
normal. Weather has been cold but warming trend on
the way. No reports from anglers fishing.
12/31/13 Flows are very high at this time due to a large
amount of water being discharges from the Zinsua Dam.
Fishing will be okay when the discharges subside.
Updated Fishing Report
(call or email us)
01/28/14 Customer ordering flies reporting he has been catching trout on our Blue-winged
Olive nymphs, size 18 every time the weather and discharges give him a decent chance to
fish. The water is usually warmer than the air.
03/21/14 Sorry for the slow reports. We have had several customers reporting nice catches
the past two months. Midges and Blue-winged Olives produced the most fish.
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04/08/14 Several good reports have come in from customers recently. Brown trout are being
caught consistently. Most are using our Blue-winged Olive streamers and Sculpin streamer flies.
04/15/14 More good fishing reports for this tailwater came in last week. Customers
ordering BWOs.
10/18/14 We have a new local guy willing to keep us updated and we will be giving reports
more often. Right now conditions are excellent with good levels and lots of trout being
Blue-winged olive nymphs are working best. Hatches are also occurring.
11/08/14 Two more good reports can in this past week. Our brown sculpin and BWO nymphs
are what they are using.
12/04/14 Trout being caught in tailwater when levels are good. Anglers using our midges,
light green and cream larva, pupa and adults.
12/31/14 More good reports from the past week. More trout caught on midges even
though it was colder.
02/04/15 Sorry for the lack of reports. We have received a few good reports from customers
this past month but it seems the discharges have been a problem much of the time. Winter
stoneflies are hatching.
05/20/15 Hopefully we will keep current. Little Yellow SF, Little Black Caddis and other
insects are hatching. Levels have been good lately and lots of trout are being caught.
06/20/15 Sorry for the lack of reports but it wasn't because the fishing hasn't been good.
The tailwater and small stream tributaries have both been in good shape. The discharges
are high right now, but should be dropping back down soon.
02/10/16 Lost our local contact for the river but have a new one and will be continuing the
report on a regular basis. The season will close at the end of this month, right now, conditions
are good.
02/21/16 The discharges have been low and the fishing very good. Midges, both creams and
reds or blood midges, as well as some winter stoneflies are hatching. Remember, the season
ends at the end of this month. .
Allegheny River Fishing Report:
06/19/16 We haven't made a report in a good while but
due to several request, we will be doing so as often as we
can. Flows have been high but are down now and
hopefully, will stay low most of the time. You have to
check to discharge schedule to know, or otherwise you
may be waiting your time. The link on your upper left will
show the water level at any point in time. Lots of Sulphurs
are hatching along with two types of caddisflies.
08/07/16 We received a very good report this past week. Stream levels and discharges are
down and there are lots of Tricos, little BWOs, Cinnamon Caddis, and Little Sisters.
10/02/16 Sorry for the lack of reports. The stream is in good shape at this time with good
discharge and stream levels. The brown trout are aggressive and in the pre-spawn mode.
Brown and White Belly sculpin are catching them. Larger, BWOs,
baetis species, are hatching.
10/30/16 Low discharges and resulting stream levels continue but wading is easy in most
places and our customers are catching lots of trout. The Brown trout are in the pre-spawn
stage and the Brown or White Belly sculpin is catching plenty of the large ones. It is a good
time to fish this tailwater.
02/12/17 The discharges and stream levels are high at this time but should fall out soon.
Customers have been catching good numbers of trout. We got behind on the reports due to
our local contact moving, but we are back doing weekly reports. Fish Cream or Red midges,
with the larva and pupa rigged in tandem.
02/19/17 The discharges remain high, too high to fish in our opinion. Watch the levels.
04/30/17 Sorry for the lack of reports. The river is in very good condition with low discharges
12/12/17 The stream levels are low and the river easy to wade. The water temperature is 41
degrees. Cream and blood midge (Reds) are hatching good and some time, BWOs.