Aleas River Oregon
Alesa River
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Fly Fishing Guide to the Alesa River Oregon
In a nutshell, Winter Steelhead come in the Alesa River from December to March and the best
fishing takes place in December and January.

Coastal sea run cutthroat come into the coastal area during the month of July. They reside in
the river from August through October.

Chinook Salmon enter the stream about the middle of August. The best fishing takes place
from September through November.

From about the middle of August to the middle of October, most anglers fish for the early run
of Fall chinook salmon in the tidewaters between Alsea Bay and Tidewater. This is mostly done
from a drift boat. After the fish have all arrived, anglers will begin to fish in the river. A drift boat
is still the way to fish. There are plenty of boat launches in the tidewater area and the river.
The river can be tricky so caution should be used drifting it.

The Winter steelhead start arriving as early as November. They generally are finished with
business by the first of March. The hatchery fish peak in November to January. The wild fish
show up later in February and March. As with the salmon, a drift boat is necessary to fish for
the steelhead. It is possible to catch them from the bank or wading if you can get access to the
water but a drift boat is the best way to go. You can also fish at the boat launches, of which
there are several along state highway #34 up as high as the South Fork. The North Fork is a
popular fly fishing area because it is fly fishing only.

The sea-run cutthroat trout come in the river as early as July. They are fished for in the
tidewater areas until Fall. In the Fall, they will move on into the upper section of the river. They
are usually targeted at the mouth of feeder streams and are best taken on streamers.

You can also access the upper river on non-private water above Tidewater. The fish
hatcheries on the North Fork and Fall Creek have very good access. The Forks are accessed
from Forest Service roads.
Alesa River, Oregon
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Photo Courtesy of
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