Alsea River Oregon
Alsea River Oregon
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Fly Fishing The Alsea River Oregon
The Alsea River originates in the Coast Range
west of Corvallis Oregon. It runs about fifty-five
miles before flowing into Alesa Bay on the Pacific
Ocean. The river flows through the Siuslaw
National Forest

This is one of the better streams in Oregon for
steelhead, sea-run cutthroat and Chinook salmon.
The Alsea River salmon average about twenty-five
pounds and the Alsea River steelhead about eight
pounds. The sea run cutthroat average about
twelve to sixteen inches and larger.

Fall chinook fishing can be good from the lower bay
up through tidewater area. Sea-run cutthroat trout
fishing is usually good. There are also some
resident cutthroat trout. These fish can be found
throughout most of the main stem of the river.

Fly fishing the Alsea River for winter steelhead can
be great. It starts in December and continues into
the month of February. You will need a drift boat to
fish for the steelhead because most of the bank
access in on private property. Most of the
steelhead are hatchery fish but there are some wild

Highway 101 crosses the Alsea River at Waldport.
State highway #34 parallels most of the river. It
flows through the coastal range Northwest of
Eugene Oregon and enters the sea at Waldport.

Although much of the Alsea River is bordered by
private property, access is generally good. There
are several easy to navigate float sections with
access. The best steelhead fishing is in the upper
two-thirds of the river. Boats are not allowed above
the launch at Mill Creek Park.  

The upper river consist of the North and South
Forks of the Alsea. The North fork has a good
winter steelhead run and fishing is popular from the
hatchery downstream to Clemens park on State
Route #34. Honey Grove Bridge is another popular

The South Fork of the Alsea River is a pretty good
cutthroat stream. It's accessible from the South
Fork River Road and is bordered by both private
and BLM land. There are usually some steelhead
caught in the South Fork as well as cutthroat trout.  

The season varies according to the species
Winter is the best time for steelhead fishing.
Spring is the slack season on the Alesa River
Summer is the time the sea-run cutthroat to appear
Chinook Salmon enter the river in the fall

Fly Fishing Guide to the Alsea River
Fly fishing the Alsea River is strictly dependent on
the species that are present.
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Type of Stream

Chinook Salmon
Coastal Cutthroat
Resident Cutthroat

Medium, about 55 miles long

North Central Oregon Coast

Nearest Towns

Open year-round

Fair depending on the location

Non-Resident License
State of Oregon

National Weather Service

Fly Fishing Guide

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Alsea River Oregon
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