Anthony Creek Rainbow trout
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Fly Fishing Gear and Trout Flies for Anthony Creek Tennessee
Anthony Creek is a very small stream that is easy to wade (in its lower sections) and easy
to fish. The trout are almost all small rainbows. You don't need anything to fish this stream
but light, small stream gear.

Fly Line:
If you fish the headwater streams for small brook trout, you probably enjoy using a light fly
line to catch them. Certainly you will be using small and most likely, dry flies for the brook
trout. We would say the ideal fly line size would be a 4 weight, floating fly line. There would
be nothing wrong with a lighter 3 weight line.
If you fish the lower part of the creek, you would probably want a 4 weight fly line for most of
your fishing. You could even get by with a lighter line. If you fish nymphs and small
streamers, I would say a 5 weight fly line would deliver most of those flies better. I don't
really see the need for any line size beyond a 5 weight on Anthony.

Fly Rod:
Assuming you would be fishing for both the rainbows and the brook trout in the headwaters,
then I would suggest at least a rod for each the 4 weight line and the 5 weight line. The
length of the rods should be nine feet. We don't prefer to use shorter rods in tight streams. It
helps in some ways but hurts more in others. We think a moderately fast to fast action fly rod
is best.

Fly Reel:
The reel for the light line, the 4 weight, isn't important as long as it is light. A disc drag
wouldn't be necessary but I would want it to adjust to fine increments. The reel for the 5
weight line should fit the same description as the 4 weight.

You should probably be using at least a 7 and half foot leader most of the time. Theres
situations where you would want to go up to 9 feet. I would suggest having them in sizes
ranging from 3X for streamers, up to 7X for small dry flies, in both the 7 and a half and 9 foot

Don't forget to carry extra tippet in sizes ranging from 3X to 7X.

Waders are not absolutely necessary for Anthony Creek but we would recommend them.
You can wet wade the stream during the summer.

Wading Boots:
Felt soles are the best. We are testing the new rubber soles and have no comment about
them yet.

Trout Flies:
We recommend our "Perfect Flies". Thats not just because we sell them, its also
because we think they are the best flies you can purchase. They have been tested in the
Great Smoky Mountains National Park more than anywhere. We also have the generics and
standard attractor flies, and they are at a very low price.
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Anthony Creek
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