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Hatches and Trout Flies for the Arkansas River, Colorado
The Blue-winged Olives actually start hatching in late March long before the April Mother's
Day caddisfly hatch. The hatch last until about the middle of June. Some very good dry fly
action is possible, especially on nice warm cloudy days. The action can be good even
when it is snowing lightly. There is a second hatch that takes place from about the middle
of July through most of August.

The Mother's Day caddisfly hatch of the
Brachcentrus species is the big event of the year.
It normally starts about the middle of April and can last up to a month long depending on
where you fish the river. The hatch moves upstream about eight miles a day when it starts.
These caddisflies act a lot like mayflies because they emerge on the surface mid-stream
and provide good dry fly action during the hatch as well as during the egg laying process
which begins late in the afternoons. You can catch trout almost all day long during the
hatch using pupa imitations when it first begins, then changing to dry fly imitations of the
adults for the remainder of the hatch and the egg laying event that last until dark.

July and August brings hatches of Pale Morning Duns in many areas of the river. The
water is still relatively high but you can always find areas of the stream where you can fish
the hatch.

The Golden Stoneflies hatch from about the middle of May until the middle of July. You
may catch a good part of the hatch before the stream blows out but much of it is usually
ruined from a fishing standpoint. Even when the water is still very high there are always
some places you can catch trout on imitations of the stonefly from the banks of the stream.

July through September is the best time to fish imitations of terrestrial insects. Ants, grass
hoppers and beetles are the main insects to imitate. Don't forget the midges. They hatch
year-round but become especially important on cold days when nothing else is hatching.
You can catch plenty of nice brown trout on the tiny flies if you will give them an opportunity
to work for you.

One of the most popular types of flies on the Arkansas River are streamers. Imitations of
sculpin, minnows, leeches and baitfish work great at times, especially when the water is
high and slightly off color. You can catch trout during the mornings of the Mother's Day
hatch using streamers.

As always, we recommend our own "Perfect Flies". We have simi-realistic imitations of all
stages of life of the
Brachcentrus caddisflies. They perform very well during the big hatch.
Our Golden Stonefly imitations are the best and most effective flies you can buy for the
hatch. You can obtain specific imitations for everything the trout eat in the Arkansas River.
We hope you give them a try.
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The white spots are caddisflies
Arkansas River
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