Water Boatman:

The Water Boatman flies are most useful to the still water angler in the spring when the
water first becomes fishable and in the fall when mating and egg laying takes place.
These insects actually breath air. They can trap bubbles, which is what gives them a
flashy look or appearance at times. That is one reason they are found in the shallows,
especially where there is a lot of vegetation.

The the fall, usually late fall, these insects mate, and fly over and crash into the water.
They dive all the way to the bottom and paste their eggs on the bottom, or stems of
plants. They must come back to the surface for air, so they make the trip all the way
down and back up. The trout become well aware of this procedure because they key in
on the water boatman when this happens.

Water Boatman Presentation:
The "Perfect Fly" Water Boatman can be fished in the shallows in the Spring just after ice
out. This is usually done using a floating fly line. In the fall you want to weight the head of
the fly to allow it to sink to the bottom and then retrieve it back to the surface imitating the
natural's behavior. This is best done with a heavy sinking line, especially if the water is
deep. A sinking tip line can also be used to accomplish this.
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