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Fly Fishing Barren Fork Creek Missouri
Barren Fork Creek is a small spring fed stream that
flows over a gravel and cobble bottom filled with beds of
watercress. It's a tributary of Sinking Creek, which is a
tributary of the famous Current River. Fly fishing Barren
Fork Creek offers anglers a real challenge but also,
some great opportunities to catch some wild trout. We
love the little stream even though it isn't that easy to fish.

Much of Barren Fork Creek is a dry bed of gravel but
Twin Springs changes it into a beautiful little spring
creek. Stream-bred rainbow trout are rather plentiful for
the small size of the stream but not exactly easy to fool.
The stream is considered  "technical" fishing water by
many anglers.

Barren Fork Creek fishery was good enough for the
Missouri Department of Conservation to purchase land
along the stream. It consist of 268 acres at Twin
Springs, 160 acres near the mouth of the stream, and
almost a mile of waterfront property along the stream.

Barren Fork Creek is managed by the Missouri
Department of Conservation under its Blue Ribbon Trout
Stream Regulations. That means you can only keep one
fish at least 18 inches long per day. Fishing must be
done using artificial flies and lures only. You should also
be aware much of the property along the stream is

The stream has a lot of bushes along its banks and
casting is usually made under tight situations. The clear
water makes the rainbow trout very easy to spook. It's a
stream where our "Perfect Fly" trout flies really prove
effective. The trout will get a good look at your fly and
fooling them with unrealistic looking and acting flies is
very difficult.

Barren Fork Creek has a very good population of
aquatic insects and crustaceans. The high pH of the
water provides an excellent habitat for the trout's food.
Matching the hatch is often necessary.

Fly fishing Barren Fork Creek is good year-round.
Winter fishing can be good on warm days.  
Springtime is the best time for fly fishing Barre Fork
Creek because of the aquatic insect hatches.
The water stays cool in the prime areas and fishing is
good all Summer. .
Fall is also a good time to fish Barren Fork Creek.

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